Optimize and protect your resources based on accurate insights

Our IoT track & trace solutions collect and monitor relevant business parameters in a smart and easy way. We boost companies’ safety and productivity by turning logistic processes and workplaces into more efficient working environments.

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Digitalize Your Workers

Smart tracing solutions that will boost your business’ safety and productivity by managing room accesses, monitoring employee interactions and reporting unsafe working conditions. Help fight the spread of COVID-19 by tracing back reported cases.

Track Your Goods

Our IoT tracking solutions help you monitor and track your asset’s location and conditions (temperature, humidity, motion, shock, etc.). Retrieve your asset’s data during storage and transportation and gain new insights on your logistics processes.

Your data at a glance

Make informed decisions based on accurate metrics

Accent System’s solutions are based on Inmolecular —a smart, cloud-based IoT platform. Inmolecular connects to your IoT devices and collects real-time information to help you gain a fuller understanding of your logistic processes.

Embrace simple architectures

Small devices for big purposes

Our small, ready-to-use devices collect and retrieve your data both for stored and in-motion goods. Accent System’s tracking components are reliable, easy to install and use, and have a long battery life.

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