Cold Chain Monitoring

Track your refrigerated goods by the minute

Accent System’s Cold Chain Monitoring solution is a real-time tracking system that allows you to maintain temperature integrity of your refrigerated goods throughout the whole distribution chain. Its in-built IoT sensors simultaneously provide accurate data regarding your good’s temperature, humidity, location, motion and shock detection.

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2×1 Solution: preserve the right temperature + geolocate

  • Prevent over and underheating, reduce spoilage claims and avoid product losses.
  • Monitor your product’s real-time location and anticipate incidents.
  • Collects temperature-related data during production, storage, and transportation.
  • Increase your good’s security and ensure regulatory compliance of refrigerated items.
  • Make better-informed business decisions based on accurate analytics.

Easily prove regulatory compliance

Generate accurate temperature reports for legal audits that ensure quality control and regulatory compliance. Analyze the resulting data and make informed business decisions that balance cost, risk, and flexibility in your cold chain planning

Reduce spoilage claims

Swiftly detect any sudden temperature deviations by checking your product’s real-time temperature. Anticipate and prevent temperature-ruined goods while avoiding environmental contamination.

Clear insights on your logistic processes

Track your refrigerated item’s route, and optimal storage conditions with our Cold Chain Monitoring solution. Check relevant, detailed data through our cloud-based platform and obtain user-friendly analytic reports.

Refrigerated logistics

  • Ensure that properly cooled fresh and frozen food arrives to customers in the correct state.
  • Avoid environmental contamination caused by temperature-ruined goods.
  • Obtain a detailed overview of the environmental conditions of your perishable products in different transport routes, seasons and vehicles.

Biopharma drugs
and vaccines

  • Protect medications from damage resulting from freezing or overheat.
  • Maintain temperature integrity of biological samples and drugs during heated routes.
  • Reduce life-compromising spoilage claims and expensive drugs loss.

Manufacturing industry

  • Record real-time environmental conditions of shipping containers throughout the entire supply chain.
  • Monitor motion & shocks during production, manipulation, storing and distribution.
  • Be notified when packages are exposed to temperatures that might exceed the good’s protective abilities.

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