Asset Tracking

Track your goods in real-time

Accent System’s Asset Tracking solution efficiently monitors and tracks the location and conditions of your assets in real time. Information like temperature, humidity, geolocation, movement, and shock detection of your goods is stored on the cloud, thus allowing you to gain new insights on your logistic and manufacturing processes. Increase workplace safety with customized rules alerting from transport incidents, in-store fire outbreaks and similar risks.

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Know where your goods are at all times

  • Get notified of your asset’s real-time conditions through alarms and notifications.
  • Prevent incidents regarding temperature or humidity during storage and transportation.
  • Ensure that your items are in place before starting any operation.
  • Generate reliable reports on your item’s temperature, pressure levels and route.
  • Make better-informed business decisions based on accurate analytics.

Clear insights on your logistic processes

Track your asset’s route, usage hours, and optimal storage conditions with our Asset Tracking solution. Check relevant, detailed data through our cloud-based platform and obtain user-friendly analytic reports.

Respond fast thanks to smart actions

Rearrange hazardous routes, detect stray items, prevent incidents and identify misuse. Our IoT trackers are equipped with sensors capable of triggering customizable real-time alerts and smart actions.

Save time and improve safety

Our solution detects whenever an asset leaves the premises thanks to a geofencing management feature. Prevent the loss of expensive equipment and monitor the conditions of your stored and in-transit goods all-in-one.


  • Automate actions based on geofence events.
  • Replan operations right after incident or delays.
  • Optimize routes by analyzing historical data.

Health care

  • Control medical equipment & hospital supplies in medical facilities and ambulances.
  • Monitor room conditions of medical supplies.
  • Locate urgent equipment in a timely manner.

Cold chain monitoring

  • Check real-time temperature of refrigerated assets during transportation.
  • Ensure quality control and regulatory compliance.
  • Anticipate and solve temperature-related incidents.

Heavy industries & manufacturing sector

  • Track position and usage hours of corporate vehicles.
  • Alert staff about critical actions (e.g., truck refueling, special loads, etc.).
  • Automatically check loaded items before departure.

Items detection

  • Locate lost luggage by inserting a tracker in your bag.
  • Receive notifications on real-time treatment of your goods.
  • Detect negligent shocks in your valuables.

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