Shipment Tracking

Monitor your goods in real-time

Accent System’s Shipment Tracking solution is a real-time monitoring tool that allows you to track the accurate position and environmental conditions of your shipped goods from origin to destination. Our trackers are equipped with multiple IoT sensors
―location, temperature, pressure, motion, shock detection― and can be easily attached to shipping containers, pallets and moving storage units.

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Know where your products are
at all times

  • Ensure “just-in-time” delivery.
  • Know the real-time shipment conditions of your most valuable goods.
  • Receive alerts whenever your goods enter or exit any premises by defining geofences.
  • Immediately detect and solve any potential hazard that might compromise the good’s optimal conditions.
  • Make better-informed business decisions based on accurate analytics.

Customize your tracker

Our Shipment Tracking devices can incorporate whatever highly-precision sensors you need: real-time geolocation, speed, temperature, air pressure and humidity levels.

Clear insights on your logistic processes

Track your product’s route and optimal storage conditions with our Shipment Tracking solution. Check relevant, detailed data through our cloud-based platform and obtain user-friendly analytic reports.

Optional reverse
pick-up feature

Once your goods reach their destination, our trackers send an automatic reverse pick-up order to one of our partners. These take them back for maintenance, recharge them and put them back in circulation.


  • Track exact position of your customer’s goods throughout the entire supply chain.
  • Be alerted of bumps, shocks, and temperature deviations of moving goods.
  • Automatically receive alerts whenever your client’s goods leave or reach any premises.

Refrigerated logistics

  • Anticipate and solve temperature-related incidents of en-route fresh and frozen foods.
  • Avoid environmental contamination caused by temperature-ruined goods.
  • Obtain a detailed overview of the environmental conditions of your perishable products in different transport routes, seasons and vehicles.

Health care

  • Locate urgent medical equipment in a timely manner.
  • Automatically confirm the arrival of life-compromising or expensive drugs.
  • Monitor real-time temperature and conditions of in-transit medications to ensure regulatory compliance.

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