Access Control

Track room occupancy and grant customized accesses

 Grant room access to new employees, define access rules based on safety conditions and generate time-restricted e-keys for one-time visitors.

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Keep safety dangers at bay

  • Lock dangerous environments such as high-voltage rooms, high-temperature facilities or areas suffering from gas leaks.
  • Track unauthorized accesses and real-time room usage.
  • Unlock doors remotely and forget about physical keys.
  • Activate specific room conditions —air conditioning, heating & light— prior to meetings and events.
  • Quickly activate access permits for new employees and guest visitors.

Deny access to hazardous sites

Immediately block access to in-maintenance sites, contaminated facilities or confidential premises. Prevent employees from suffering accidents by locking dangerous accesses in a dynamic way.

Monitor real-time occupancy

Obtain an up-to-the-minute overview of your building’s room availability and occupancy rates. Make better-informed, more sustainable decisions based on accurate room usage analytics.

Control access

Grant access to new employees and generate time-restricted e-keys for one-time visitors. Trigger Smart Actions before important meetings, such as turning lights on or off or activating heating or AC.


  • Turn lights on or off and activate AC prior to important meetings.
  • Immediately block access to dismissed employees.
  • Lock company archives to preserve confidentiality.


  • Block access to rooms containing dangerous and expensive drugs.
  • Generate time limited e-keys for hospital visitors or one-night patients.

Heavy industries

  • Manage site access to operators, workers and guests.
  • Define, monitor and control safety rules regarding access.
  • Remotely regulate conditions in special rooms through configurable smart actions.

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