Contact Tracing

Stop the spread of COVID-19

Accent System’s Contact Tracing solution is a wristband-shaped tracking system that detects recent interactions with COVID-19 diagnosed people and prompts users to respect social distancing measures. It is a secure, fully anonymous solution best indicated for corporate offices, business environments and social facilities (i.e.: schools, gyms, companies, etc.).

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Stop the spread of COVID-19

  • Vibrates when social distance is not kept.
  • Traces multi-level contact chains and prompts close contacts to minimize propagation.
  • Compels users to initiate quarantine when a close positive case is reported or evident symptoms arise.
  • Fully respects the anonymity of the infected person and close contacts (GDRP compliant)
  • Helps you prevent the spread of any contagious disease.

Lock down as few employees as possible

The CT-Wristband quickly informs infected people and their close contacts and prompts them to isolate right away. This ensures the lockdown of specific persons rather than whole groups.

Avoid the spread in your company

Our CT-Wristband vibrates mildly whenever social distance is not kept. The user can thus step back and avoid the propagation of any virus.

Non-invasive, fully anonymous solution

In the case of contact with a potential coronavirus positive case, our discreet rubber CT-Wristband sends out a notification compelling you to initiate quarantine. The person’s data is never disclosed.

Companies & business environments

  • Avoid simultaneous mass quarantines of key departments.
  • Trace precise contact chain also in cross-division meetings.
  • Ensure social distance in social spaces (kitchen, lunch room, conference halls, etc).

Schools & Universities

  • Monitor contacts between students and teachers to avoid locking down whole classes.
  • Remind students of social distance in playgrounds and gyms.
  • Report cases amongst small children in nurseries and primary schools.

GYMS & Sport centers

  • Reopen with an effective Covid-19 safety measure.
  • Protect your users with a light, waterproof wearable fitted for sport activities.
  • Ensure social distance also in unsupervised facilities (i.e.: dressing rooms, saunas, etc.).

Mass events

  • Trace exact contacts during agglomerations.
  • Facilitate the report of COVID-19 contact tracing amongst unknown people.
  • Make sure lines are kept at the right distance.

Health care centers

  • Lock down exact infected staff before they can spread the disease in a high-risk facility.
  • Ensure physical distancing between doctors and patients during visits and interventions.
  • Avoid virus propagation in highly sensitive environments.

Goverments & countries

  • Protect emergency professionals such as firefighters or policemen with a light, non- obstructive safety device.
  • Contain the spread of the COVID-19 in a specific territory.
  • Avoid close interactions in crowded places.

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