Connected Worker

Generate trustworthy timesheets and ensure employee safety.

Accent System’s Connected Worker solution is a real-time resource management tool that allows you to accurately track your employees’ and assets’ workplace interactions, report room usage and occupancy limits, manage access authorization, and ensure safe working conditions compliance.

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Monitor Your Workplace Interactions

  • Reduce costs and improve productivity by automating processes through Smart Actions & Buttons.
  • Record timesheets to use in accident reports, labor and commercial disputes.
  • Avoid regulatory fines by identifying unsafe working conditions.
  • Ensure rightful risk assessment and proper safety protocols (including COVID-19 contact tracing).
  • Make better-informed business decisions based on accurate analytics.

Monitor workspace safety protocols

Report on-site incidents and minimize employee’s finding time. Define and verify safety measures in different locations and contexts.

Optimize your daily operations

Gain control over task execution and costs by automating your processes through smart actions and buttons. Obtain an overview of a site’s daily operation without actually being there.

Report Presence & Working Hours

Gain accurate control over task execution and costs with automatically generated timesheets. Generate legally binding evidence to accurately bill contractor’s services.

Mining Sector

  • Ask for immediate help and request urgent materials through the emergency button.
  • Alert operators when action is required.
  • Manage incidents, implement corrective actions, and maintain a safe work environment.

Heavy industries and construction companies

  • Swiftly report incidents to avoid building freezes.
  • Automatically deactivate heavy machinery whenever an operator approaches.
  • Notify stakeholders of project progress in real time.


  • Be notified when room occupancy is exceeded.
  • Detect whenever social distance is not kept.
  • Trace exact COVID-19 contact chain.

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