Accent Systems talks with Watchman Door

#Accenttalks is a series of interviews where our clients and partners talk about their experience working with us and is a reflection of our commitment with them.

One of the most important things for us at Accent Systems is to guarantee the satisfaction of our customers during the development of their projects and once we finish them. Today we present Norman Sánchez, CEO at WATCHMAN DOOR

Good morning Norman, it’s a pleasure to talk with you. Could you describe the activity of Watchman Door, for those people who don’t know what the company is?

Of course. Watchman Door was born in 2016 and it’s focused on offering security in access controls. It is a spin off of STM Seguridad, a company that provides services and solutions for integral protection of uninhabited properties. Our first project was to develop a safety lock for the anti-squad door STM was installing. Our client’s problem was the key management and thanks to our products, that allows to open doors with the smartphone, we ruled out the problem.

All our products are born after the active listening of STM clients’ needs, that demand a solution for improve its key management. After a period of research and field work, in Novembre 2017 started to commercialize our products.

And how does it work?

Our solution is based on three main actors: an app, the installed device and the Cloud. The app is installed in the smartphone of the person that wants to open the door and ask to the Cloud if this user has permission to open it.

We have 3 different products:

WDoor Eco → It is a security bolt designed for clients with a large number of assets to control. It works with battery and reports if the acces is opened or closed, and, thanks to its movement sensors, it allows to listent to what’s happening and connect with it via call to talk with the person who’s trying the unautorized access.

Woku → It’s a motorized high security lock designed for STM’s anti-squad doors with the same functionalities that has wDoor-Eco.

WMOT → It’s a small electronic device with beacon technology which is installed inside the box door, intercom or any other device that works with a button. The order of closing or opening the door is done with a mobile app.

All these products generate records of its activity.

These devices are developed by Accent Systems… When did your partnership start?

Our relationship started two years ago. We were looking for a company that could develop a solution that solves the needs detected and met Accent Systems at a congress. What really attract our attention was a project they developed: a safe that could be opened with an app. We think it could seem, in some aspects, to what we wanted to develop and a week later we started to work together on the project.

What stage is the product currently?

Three of our products are already in the market, and at the end of 2018 are planning to launch the forth: our lock wDoor, with NB-IOT technology.

How was the development process of the product with Accent Systems?

Accent Systems give us an integral solution: a cloud to manage all the devices that we configure; the hardware with all the details we wonder; and an app to interact with the products. They have a multidisciplinary team of engineers: computer, mechanical, electronic… that listen to your needs, act as a consultant and give you the final solution.

The hole process has been completely satisfactory from the first day.

Would you recommend to work with Accent Systems?

With no doubt. In fact, we want they to be our engineering company to develop all the devices we’ll launch in the future. We like the integral service they offer and its internationalization.

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