The Internet of your things

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The Internet of Things (IoT) is changing the way we live and work. It refers to everyday devices and objects that are connected to the Internet, with the objective of collecting and exchanging data.

From smartphones and tablets to anything with a sensor on it. Almost everything could be considered part of this amazing connected world of technologies and possibilities.

In fact, the IoT is a recent communication paradigm that envisions a near future, in which the objects of everyday life will be equipped with Internet.


It helps you and your business to achieve more efficiency, productivity and innovation.

Today, about 6.5 billion things are connected to the internet, and by 2020 will be between 50 and 70 billion.

Connected devices are essential, not just for the future, but for the society of today

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The IoT in healthcare has the potential to keep people safe and healthy and allows patients to spend more time interacting with their doctors. It has numerous applications: remote monitoring, medical device integration, smart sensors, tracking health information… Many of these measures are vital for some patients and require follow-up interaction with a healthcare professional.


Retailers are experimenting with IoT solutions to predict, anticipate and deliver engaging shopper experiences in the moment, to harness opportunities for profitable growth. Some of the applications are: improve customer shopping experience, increase purchase through cross selling, precise inventory management, reduce theft and improving store operations, among others.


The IoT is impacting education and will revolutionize the way we learn. Education is changing and technology helps to redefine this new concept of schools and learning. Thanks to it, students can study anywhere, can receive instant additional resources and assignments and can be in constant contact with teachers and other colleagues. In fact, it is the perfect tool to achieve a more creative education.


Safety, better mobility and efficiency; these are the basics of the IoT in transportation. Thanks to technology you can reduce congestion with smart roads connected to sensors or make smart choices in public transport. The possibilities are endless.


The IoT is working to optimize the energy consumption at home or at the office. Objects like switches, televisions or electrical appliance connected to the Internet that will make more efficient all sort of consuming devices. Moreover, this connected gadgets will allow user for remotely control their devices.


More security, more control, more productive and efficient work environments and less costs. The integration of the IoT in the workplace is transforming the way we understand the labor. The ideal place for the boss and his employees.


The factory of the future will be based on IoT with the objective of create autonomous smart machines. The manufacturing industry will use sensor data, advanced analytics and automation technologies to increase efficiency and precision, and reduce defects. Machine learning and M2M communication are other possibilities of the IoT in manufacturing.


The Smart City is aim to be one of the most potential markets in the short future. There are many different services related with this sector. Some primary issues in many modern cities are waste management, air quality control, noise monitoring, traffic congestion and city energy consumption. All of them, Smart City services that can be enabled by urban IoT.


The IoT offers an endless world of possibilities and innovative solutions in all industries. Sports, financial services, consumer industries, automotion, insurance, governments, media, environmental monitoring, infrastructure management, agriculture, building…


IoT Devices

We offer to our clients an end-to-end service, to optimize the main aspects of the solution. Our business is design and develop tailored electronic devices from customers’ idea, being detailed with each one of the technical features they demand.


We deeply analyze and evaluate all the possibilities of your project with our engineering team, to decode what’s feasible and viable about the idea.


Part of our team is only and exclusively focused on the appearance of the final product.


We have our own production center in Barcelona, what allows us to design the product thinking of how it will be produced and have competitive prices.


Our team is here to turn your idea into a reality. The first step: design the hardware for the connected device we’ll develop.


We design tailored platforms and servers, that allow the user to manage and collect data from the products we’ve developed.

IoT Security

Security and privacy are the key issues for IoT applications. We know it and that’s why our engineers attach great importance to it in the developing process of the products. In each project we analyze the level of security required: we foresee from simple manipulations to these ones done with high knowledge.


All the data that send and receive our IoT devices is encrypted. It means the information is encode to protect it from third parties. Not even the engineer that has developed the device would be able to read it.


We add manipulation sensors to every IoT product we develop to detect if it has been manipulated. If any of our intelligent devices is manipulated it will be on record internally.

IoT Cloud

Our software engineers design tailored platforms and apps, based on our powerful “Accent Standard Positioning Layer”, the starting point of all the platforms we develop. This base layer can connect with any external cloud.

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