The logistics and distribution sector, close to excellence thanks to the NB-IOT Tracker

  • Accent Systems (based in Barcelona, Spain) launches at MWC 2018 the NB-IOT Tracker, a device that optimizes logistics and industrial processes thanks to geolocation and tracking of assets.
  • The device allows to receive information about indoor and outdoor positioning in real time, and collect data throughout temperature and shock sensors, among others.
  • It runs with NarrowBand-IOT, a technology that’s revolutionising the Internet of Things market because it’s the first focused exclusively on connecting everyday objects at a very low cost, with low power consumption and optimizing data transfer.

Barcelona, 12 February 2018 – Technology and, in particular, the revolution of the IOT are radically transforming industries and the way people work. With smart solutions that digitize business, companies can optimize their resources and processes, and logistics is one of the main sectors that is benefiting from this; indeed, it’s one of the major players.

Implementation of IOT in the logistics and transport of goods operations allows you to monitor the status of assets, packages and, even, people throughout the value chain. It allows measuring the return on assets and get to automate processes for the future, with the aim of obtaining more quality and predictability, and reducing costs. Moreover, with quality data analysis it is possible to identify opportunities for business improvement.

Under this umbrella and with the aim of bringing the technology to the logistics industry, Accent Systems has devised a smart device that geolocates and collects valuable information of any asset where it is placed. The NB-IOT Tracker, which is how the solution is called, not only geolocate but collect data through different sensors (temperature, shock…) and send them to a platform from which you can get results immediately and in real time.

nb-iot tracking solution accent systems tracker location temperature sensor shock detector

Cold chain and packaging location in indoor

The applications that allows this device are several and in different verticals (industry, asset tracking, agriculture, smart buildings, monitoring of hospital material…), but the main focus is in the logistics.

It’s a perfect solution, inter alia, for monitoring the cold chain. Once installed the NB-IOT Tracker to the product or products that want to be hold at a particular temperature, the device will send its location and temperature. That will quickly know if the cold chain has been interrupted, where it has happened and detect which has been the problem to solve it expeditiously.  

The device not only is intended for outdoor and moving objects, but also serves to locate assets, for example, in the interior of a warehouse of big dimensions. Thus, a transport company that put the NB-IOT Tracker in the packages that are stored in the warehouse could speed their processes thanks they’ll be always located and know their status in real time.

cold chain nb-iot solution accent systems tracker

The difference is NB-IOT technology

Nowadays, there are already devices that do similar functions, but the difference of the NB-IOT Tracker is, as its name suggests, the technology used to operate: NarrowBand-IOT (NB-IOT).

It is a pioneering technology that expected to be deployed throughout the USA this 2018 (also largely from developed countries) and it’s revolutionizing the IOT sector and the connected products. It is the first technology focused exclusively on connecting everyday objects that have to send a stream of constant information but in small quantities.

If we compare the NB-IOT with other technologies, the cost of subscription for the company or user and the battery consumption are much lower, and optimizes the transfer of information. In addition, it has greater reach indoor and outdoor and works with the network’s existing mobile phone antennas.

Accent Systems, leader developing NB-IOT devices

The IOT company Accent Systems has made this product on of their most ambitious projects. Since its inception, the company has pursued to create connected devices to make people’s life easier, and with the arrival of the NB-IOT technology this objective has become something even more tangible.

In addition, it has positioned itself as leader developing devices with NB-IOT and it has done so closely with the telecoms that are deploying the technology: Huawei, Vodafone and Nokia.

Thanks to that, Accent Systems has been on of the few companies worldwide that has had access to the NB-IOT network since start (end of 2016) to test its own projects. That’s why, to this days, Accent Systems has a unique position in the market in comparison to their competitors.

Accent Systems is a global provider of innovative enterprise IOT solutions that offers a variety of standard products and develops tailored IOT solutions for third parties.

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