How our IoT solution can solve all your logistic and warehouse problems

Accent Systems presents the asset tracking solution for logistics based on NB-IoT technology. It’s thought to track in real-time assets both indoor (inside warehouses) and outdoor (during transport).

It consists of an IoT tracker that geolocates and collects valuable information of any asset where it is placed. But not only; it also collects data through different sensors (temperature, shock…) and send it to a platform called Inmolecular from which get results immediately and in real-time.

Have a look at this video to see how our IoT solution can help you solve all your logistic problems:

How to track assets inside warehouses (indoor location)?

Know the exact location of an asset within a warehouse, if it’s not automated, can be really tricky. Our solution offer the possibility of providing IoT to a warehouse without the need of doing a very high deployment either in therms of infrastructure or costs. 

These two devices are the key:

  • Beacons → These are bluetooth devices installed in strategic locations within the store, and registered and located in the IoT platform.
  • IoT TrackerInstalled on each pallet, the device acts as a gateway, it means that receives the bluetooth signal that the beacons emit and sends it to the platform where the position of the asset is resolved.

How to track assets during transportation (outdoor location)?

Once the goods leave the warehouse to be transported, you can also follow it up in real-time. The IoT tracker can be placed on the same pallet (as we’ve seen in the previous example) or in strategic locations within the same truck, and this will give us its position through different systems of geolocalisation:  

WPS (Wifi Positioning System)




The device not only collects this information, but it also consists of a shock detector and a temperature sensor, allowing to make a more detailed management of goods. This information is sent in real-time to the cloud, through NarrowBand IoT and can be managed either in our platform, Inmolecular, or in any other compatible.

Download this document to know more about the solution.

Why is important the IoT for logistics?

Implementation of IoT in logistics and transport of goods operations allows to monitor the status of assets, packages and, even, people throughout the value chain. It allows measuring the return of assets and automate processes for the future, with the aim of obtaining more quality and predictability, and reducing costs. Moreover, with quality data analysis it is possible to identify opportunities for business improvement.

Why NB-IoT?

It is a pioneering technology that expected to be deployed throughout the USA this 2018 (also largely from developed countries) and it’s revolutionizing the IOT sector and the connected products. It is the first technology focused exclusively on connecting everyday objects that have to send a stream of constant information but in small quantities.

If we compare the NB-IOT with other technologies, the cost of subscription for the company or user and the battery consumption are much lower, and optimizes the transfer of information. In addition, it has greater reach indoor and outdoor and works with the network’s existing mobile phone antennas.

Accent Systems is a global provider of innovative enterprise IOT solutions that offers a variety of standard products and develops tailored IOT solutions for third parties.

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