IoT in healthcare use cases

The Internet of Things (IoT) in healthcare is growing continuously and has multiple applications: from remote monitoring to smart sensors. Its main objective is to keep patients safe, but also to improve how doctors carry out their work. Here you can see some of the devices Accent Systems has developed for healthcare. 


Angel4 Fall Detection is a unique personal device that provides highly sensitive automatic fall detection by means of a tri-axial accelerometer and a new specific algorithm.

It is a discreet and small sensor that can be worn in a customized or on a normal daily belt. It doesn’t need buttons. All user/device interactions are executed through a clever and simple APP for Android smartphones.

The role of the mobile phone is to carry out automatically the communication with the emergency services in the cas a fall occurs and also to provide geolocation when the user is outdoors.

More info about Angel4Fall Detection here.


Birdi Kegel Trainer is a medical device that allow women to practice Kegel exercise to strengthen the pelvic zone. It’s possible to do the training on their own or, if they prefer, under the remote supervision of a specialist; and they can do it everywhere they want.

With this product and its associated app all the women can follow a training plan and report the results to a medical center online.

More info about Birdi Kegel Trainer here.


DyCare is a portable solution that helps in rehabilitation processes of patients with musculoskeletal problems. The wearable device brings to clinician a new measurement tool that helps in diagnosis and treatment phases.

Their human motion analysis system, based on wearable sensors, objectively quantify the movement condition, in terms of capacity and limitations, helping to deliver a more accurate diagnosis.

More info about Dycare here.

IONTODRY Martiderm

Iontodry is a pulsed iontophoresis device that normalizes sweating of hands and feet.

It’s been designed with a closed circuit; this way the current flows only through the area to be treated, offering a 100% safe treatment and with quick results.

More info about Iontodry here.

Accent Systems is a global provider of innovative enterprise IOT solutions that offers a variety of standard products and develops tailored IOT solutions for third parties.

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