Jordi Casamada, CEO at Accent Systems, evaluates their presence at MWC19

Jordi Casamada, CEO at Accent Systems, evaluates their presence at MWC19

This is the fifth edition that the engineering company Accent Systems participates at Mobile World Congress (MWC).

Once again, the MWC has helped the company showcase its solutions and products to the world. “Since we offer IoT solutions, MWC is the perfect congress for us. It allows us to know the latest innovations in technology, connect with potential partners of the ecosystems and showcase our most innovative products and services”, says Jordi Casamada, CEO at Accent Systems.

This year, the company has brought to the fair the latest and improved version of its IoT Tracker, a device designed to monitor assets in real-time, with extremely low battery consumption. Accent Systems is still betting on low power technologies: “We have presented our new IoT Tracker, which is based on NB-IoT and LTE-M technologies. It is a global solution for indoor and outdoor location, designed for many applications such as logistics, fleet management or the monitoring of the cold chain, among others.


The IoT company has also shown in the congress its custom engineering services for third parties, designed to respond to the needs of its customers. In fact, as Casamada said, some of Accent Systems’ customers have had their own stand at MWC, in which they’ve shown devices that the company has developed for them.

Accent Systems is an engineering company with extensive experience in the IoT sector, which offers tailored device development services for other companies.

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