Man Down Alarm – Automatic detection

How is Digital Transformation affecting safety?

One of the main safety risks faced by lone workers is having an accident and being unable to call for help. Getting rescued on time is essential to save their lives and this can be easily ensured by using a real time man down alarm system.

The digital transformation is present in all companies across the globe, in higher or lower level. While digitalization of the industries is improving their efficiency and productivity, it is also reducing the number of workers that are physically present at the facilities. This new scenario requires an update of the safety monitoring systems and the risk assessment.

man down while lone working

How does a man down alarm works?

These systems are based on mobile apps or dedicated man down sensors that monitor continuously the activity of the worker. If no motion is detected for a period of time, the system emits a local pre alarm sound to notify the individual that if no motion is imminently detected, an automatic man down alarm will be sent in the way it was configured. To keep the no-motion sensitivity as high as possible but avoid false alarms, the worker can shake the device or push any button to deactivate the alarm if it’s not necessary.

At ACCENT we are fully convinced that sending an SMS or an email is not enough, so we offer advanced customizable workflows to allow the safety responsible staff to act efficiently and timely when a critical situation occurs. With our connected worker solution our customers can implement complex workflows based on the context of the accident, so it’s key to get additional information of the event like the individual’s identification, location or who is close, since there is no room for mistakes on a critical rescue.

Dedicated Devices vs Mobile APPs for man down alarms

Our man down alarm sensors are based on dedicated devices because is not possible to ensure the reliability of an APP that is running on an unknown smartphone. Especially on Android phones, each manufacturer customizes the OS to manage the hardware resources in a different way. The operating systems end up killing the APPs to free up RAM memory or reduce the battery consumption when they detect that an APP has been running in background for a long period of time. This means that probably your life relies on an APP that won’t be running when you need it.

The use of specific hardware platform also enables the possibility of implementing a physical panic button, which can be crucial to ask for help immediately in a situation that non-motion detection won’t work. Each industry and company has its own preferences, at ACCENT we offer safety solutions based on smart badges, watches and ruggedized phones specifically produced that ensure that the software that monitors the sensors and location is running when the individual is working.

Personal tracking badge device for workers - BDG Hawk

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