Accent Systems developed a connected wristband technology to contain the spread of Covid-19

“The solution is being deployed in some countries in the Middle East”. 30 March, 2020

  • It is a Bluetooth wristband that acts as a firewall and does contact tracing of the people with which an infected person has had contact in recent weeks, to isolate them preemptively.
  • This solution would have prevented the widespread confinement of the population and its economic consequences.
  • The solution is being deployed in some territories in the Middle East.

Barcelona. March 30th, 2020 – The engineering company Accent Systems (headquarters in Barcelona) has developed a device to contain Covid-19 contagions and prevent their rapid spread. It is a Bluetooth wristband that makes contact tracing and accurately reconstructs the contacts that an infected person has had in recent weeks and isolate them preemptively, to prevent their spread.

covid-19 ble wristband accent systems

The CEO of the technology company, Jordi Casamada, assures that with this solution could have avoided the confinement in which many countries around the world are immersed: “With our wristband, if someone tested positive from Covid-19 we can isolate efficiently only those who have had contact with him and who may therefore be infected. This wristband would act as a firewall.”

This is a much more effective alternative than confining the entire population, which is the option most global authorities have taken: reducing exposure of Covid-19-infected people with the rest of the population to try to reduce the spread of the virus. This decision has major economic consequences for countries and yet it does not guarantee 100% that transmission of the virus is slowing, as a new outbreak may appear at any time.

However, the solution proposed by Accent Systems is much more effective, since you can make the traceability of the infected and know which people may be potentially infected, even the contacts of the contacts. Moreover, the economic impact would be much less.

How the solution works

It is a wristband that works through Bluetooth technology and that detects other wristbands like it, which are at a maximum distance of 6 feet or 2 meters. The wristband makes contact tracing: it registers the people it has had contact with over the last 15 or 30 days, and when one of them has symptoms of Covid-19 it is automatically sent to the medical center. This information is evaluated and all the contacts of the last few weeks are quarantined.


It is a system that does not compromise the security of citizenship, since these are encrypted identifications that only the competent authorities can access (it is GDPR compliant).

Middle East deployment begins

This is a solution that is being deployed in some countries in the Middle East, hand in hand with governments in the area.

In addition, Accent Systems has presented this Bluetooth wristband to other groups such as law enforcement, armed forces and sanitary. “They are collectives that are highly exposed to the virus and that constantly interact with each other, but which are absolutely necessary. They are indispensable in this struggle,” says Casamada. Therefore, a solution like this Bluetooth wristband can be very useful to contain the contagion.

About Accent Systems

Accent Systems is a technology company with more than 12 years of experience in the sector. It is specialized in proximity technologies, such as Bluetooth, and other Internet of Things (IoT) technologies. 

He has worked with clients such as Samsonite, Google, Volkswagen and the HongKong Metro.

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