Meet Accent Systems

Want to see how Accent Systems works? Its engineers explain to us how it is the process that follows from the beginning of a project, until it becomes a real connected device.

jordi casamada-accent-systems

“Accent Systems is a factory for polishing and developing ideas. Here we understand the needs of our customers and turn them into real products, ready to go to market.”

Jordi Casamada
CEO, Accent Systems

“We offer an end-to-end service. This way, our customers have centralized all the development of their product in one place, and with the same team of engineers.”

F. Xavier Pastor
Hardware & Firmware Engineer, Accent Systems


“We started developing electronic devices, but our experience as telecommunications engineers quickly made us see that the key was to turn them into connected objects.”

Oriol Patau
CTO, Accent Systems

“We like to be meticulous. We develop hardware and firmware; industrial and mechanical design; and if the project requires it, so the software part.”

Víctor Bueno
Hardware & Firmware Engineer, Accent Systems

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