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Narrowband-IOT (NB-IOT) is the first technology focused on connecting to the internet everyday objects that required small amounts of data over long periods of time. It is one of several competing technologies -Sig-Fox, LoraWan…-generally termed low-power wide-area networking (LPWAN).

This technology was developed to enable efficient communication and long battery life for mass distributed devices and uses the already established mobile networks to connect these “things”.

NB-IOT is designed to broaden the future of IOT connectivity in a more secure and reliable way. It is ideal for devices that generate low data traffic and have a long life cycle.


  • Low power consumption
  • Simplified deployment into existing cellular network architecture
  • Extended indoor and outdoor range
  • Reliable connectivity, ratified by the 3GPP (a global standard in licensed spectrum)
  • Security supported by two-way authentication and strong interface encryption
  • Support more than 100,000 connections per cell
  • Lower component cost
  • Enable a large number of connected devices
  • Optimised data transfer


NB-IOT is an authentic revolution. Until now, we’ve connected big and expensive devices, like TVs, computers and smartphones, but from now on EVERYTHING can be intelligent. These are few of the major market potentials for NB-IOT services:


SMART CITIES Thanks to NB-IOT, local governments will be able to control street lighting, free parking spaces, environmental conditions, and so on, more efficiently.

Hardware Engineering

SMART HOMES AND BUILDINGS Manage intruder and fire alarms for homes and commercial properties; smart metering (electricity, gas and water); intelligent illumination and thermal comfort; air quality; physical security… with low cost and less environmental impact. These are just some of the possibilities of NB-IOT in smart homes and buildings.


AGRICULTURE AND RANCHING INDUSTRY The farms of the future. With the expanse of NB-IOT, appears a wide variety of agriculture and ranching intelligent solutions, to achieve an autonomous connected farm: more precision in agricultural techniques, soil and atmospheric sensing, livestock tracking (with movement alerts when out of range), monitor of land, pollution, rain…

Industrial Design

HEALTH CARE NB-IOT connectivity will offer the possibility of monitoring those who are suffering from chronic or age-related conditions. With a wearable device, the doctor will control their patients from distance and in real-time.

Industrial Design

PEOPLE AND ANIMAL TRACKER Thanks to these wearable devices, NB-IOT will be able to control people, especially old people and kids, and animals (pets, farms, stockbreeding…). You’ll be able to know where your relatives and animals are anywhere. At any moment; at any time.

Industrial Design

MANUFACTURING AND LOGISTICS With NB-IOT connectivity, industries will be much more automate, efficient and productive. For example, will easily locate and monitor key inventory to optimize logistics, or enable real-time monitoring and predictive diagnostics of assets.

Let us now how can we help you!


Accent Systems has bet on NB-IOT technology. From its beginnings, our company has pursued to create connected devices to facilitate people’s life, and with the arrival of NB-IoT it will be much easier. NB-IoT will represent the authentic blast of the Internet of Things (IOT); the internet of the small things (see an interview with our CEO and CTO).

We are partners of Huawei and Vodafone, two of the leader companies in the sector, and that gives us a privileged position in the market. Our company was one of the few enterprises that, at the end of 2016, had access to the NB-IOT modules and to the base stations that gave us range to testing.

Nowadays, the NB-IOT network is not already commercial, but we have private access to it. Thanks to that, we are working on several NB-IOT projects, and once the network will be completely deployed, we’ll be ready to develop and create all the NB-IOT devices our clients ask for with celerity, experience and excellence.



Track&Go” is a project we’ve developed together with Samsonite, Vodafone and In The Pocket, in which we’ve created the hardware. It’s a device designed to be put into your travel or business bag, with the objective of having our assets always located in real time. The solution is based on two principles.

First of all, the proximity alerts that allows you to receive a smartphone notification when your bag gets out of your range. This will enable you to confidently leave your luggage in the dedicated compartment, while still enjoying your trip without any stress, for instance when travelling by train or plane.

Moreover, this new proof of concept test with NB-IoT will look into the future possibilities of geolocation. It would make it possible to track your valuables, anytime, anyplace. In case your bag gets lost, you will be able to see its current location and the necessary contact details to get your belongings back, if applicable.


IoT Tracker

The first GPS tracker with NB-IOT interface and Bluetooth Low Energy still offering you super-long battery capacity its unique design allows you to install it fast and easily and it has multiple fixing accessories to attach it everywhere.

It is a new way to track any kind of asset.


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