What is the difference between Eddystone™-URL and Nearby Notifications?

Eddystone™-URL and Nearby Notifications (the web URL attachment type one) services are quite similar. In order to decide which one fits the best for your use case, check the next main differences:

  • Eddystone™-URL needs Chrome to be notified. For Nearby Notifications no prior app installed is required.
  • Eddystone™-URL works on both Android and iOS. Nearby Notifications, so far, just on Android.
  • In order to change the URL to notify, in Eddystone™-URL, the beacon configuration must be accessed physically or remotely to update the URL*, while in Nearby Notifications, once you set the beacon configuration, the URL is updated through CMS platform without changing any configuration in the beacon (it requires a static iBeacon UUID, Eddystone UID or EID previously registered in the Google Beacon Dashboard).

*unless you use an URL shortener service which allows to change the resolving URL on going.