The ocluc safe

The Ocluc system is an electronic hardware that controls the Arcas Olle safes.

It has a Bluetooth Low Energy interface that allows the user controlling the safe through a smartphone and implements a membrane keypad with bicolor led and a lock with emergency key and solenoid.

The ocluc App

Ocluc is a new language between the safe and its user. From this App you can interact faster and more intuitive with your safe, control at any moment who and when the safe’s open, delays and blocking times can be controled, and even send a hidden signal if someone obliges you to open the safe.

Main features and functions :

  • Activate or Deactivate the interior light and sound
  • Programme a Time Delay
  • Plan Time-locks
  • Send a sign through a Duress Code
  • Multi-user
  • View a Events Audit
  • And of course, open the safe

Customer website: www.arcasolle.com


ConnectivityBluetooth Low Energy
Battery4x AA battery
SecurityHash security implementation
OthersBuzzer, Membrane keypad with bicolor led
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