Create the perfect ecosystem for employee monitoring

One of the most common needs in a company is to know activities and locations of staff members. It have become increasingly common in businesses, not only to monitor their attendance and best practices, but specially to guarantee security.

Want to implement an IOT solution to monitor staff?

Let us present you three smart devices that, in combination, will help you deploying the perfect ecosystem to monitor your staff with the minimum cost and impact for the employee. Trust me, it has never been so easy! [/et_pb_text][et_pb_blurb image=”” icon_placement=”left” _builder_version=”3.15″ body_font=”|300|||||||” custom_css_blurb_image=”width: 50%”]


It’s the thinnest beacon that combines Bluetooth Low Energy and NFC, and offers super-long battery capacity. It also has a movement sensor and an alarm button.


It’s a locator with one omni-directional antenna that detects beacons and connect them to the cloud in real-time.


It’s a locator with 7 directional antennas that detects beacons with high-precision sectorization, using range and angle

How can I use these devices for employee monitoring?

There are as possibilities as use cases exist. Here are some basic examples of how can these three devices create the perfect ecosystem for employee monitoring. All the following solutions can be perfectly combined to achieve the best performance.

Track attendance

Knowing when the employees come in and out the facilities to count the work hours invested is something important for companies.

There are multiple applications in the market to manage this issue, but most of them need the active action of the workers: fingerprint, password, facial recognition, card detector… But we propose an IOT solution that will make you and your employees forget about it. It is based on beacon technology and uses the Gateway Hub to connect them to the cloud.

employee monitoring ibks card beacon bluetooth indoor location asset tracking accent systems

Let’s see this concrete use case…

  1. An iBKS Card is assigned to each employee.
  2. Our Gateway Hub is installed in the lobby of the company facilities.
  3. Everytime the employees come in and out the building, the Gateway Hub will read beacon’s signal and send this information to the cloud.
  4. This data is recorded in a platform to get analytic reports.

Access control in delimited areas

Access control is another common need in big companies. For example, in hospitals where just some employees have access to certain rooms: laboratories, sterile and medicine rooms, surgeries… It is not an only case, because there are many sectors that required of an access control (like refineries), but we’ll develop this example.

access control employee monitoring ibks card indoor location rtls nfc accent systems

So, imagine you want to delimit concrete areas in a hospital…

  1. An iBKS Card is assigned to each employee and configured to open concrete areas.
  2. The iBKS Card can open the delimited areas through NFC (it acts as a lock).
  3. Several Gateway Radars are installed around the hospital.
  4. When the Gateway Radar detects an iBKS Card send the data to the cloud with the location in real-time of the person.

Employees count in emergency situations

With the same deployment that in the previous case (iBKS Card + Gateway Radar it is possible to implement a security system to count employees in emergency cases. Let’s imagine, for example, a gas leak in a refinery…

ibks card beacons bluetooth employee monitoring gas leak emergency situations indoor location gateway radar rtls

  1. If every employee has an iBKS Card
  2. And you’ve deployed Gateway Radars that cover all the facilities…
  3. When a gas leak occurs, you’ll know in real-time if all the workers are out of risk or not. And if not, you’ll know their exact location.

Want to know more possibilities and create your own employee monitoring ecosystem? Contact us and we’ll help you!

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