12 MARCH, 2016

Volkswagen Connect is an intelligent key fob that allows you to find your keys and your mobile phone using beacon technology. The device sends out data packages using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) that will be read by the Volkswagen Connect app, and it will enable you to locate the smartphone itself.

Thus, if the driver loses his car keys or his mobile, or they have been misplaced within the range of coverage; a sound signal is activated facilitating their rapid recovery. But when the user is not in the coverage range, the application shows the last location recorded by the GPS where the smartphone and the key fob went missing.

It is also important to know that the firmware of the key fob includes an advertising Physical Web system that, in case of loss, automatically sends out notifications to any Google Chrome users in the area to help facilitate the recovery of the lost key fob, even if they don’t have the Volkswagen Connect app.


The beacon-based key fob solution is a top-notch example of close co-operation and teamwork between us, as hardware experts, and DDB as a communication agency. DDB envisioned the project and we made it real for Volkswagen Spain, the multinational automobile manufacturer.

As a hardware partner, Accent Systems has covered all the development phases of its beacon key fob: hardware design, firmware development, industrial design, prototyping and mass production.


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