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The perfect IoT solution to track assets with promptness, effectivity and competitive prices.

It is the first GPS tracker with NB-IOT, LTE-M and GPRS interface. It is designed to monitor assets in indoor and outdoor environments, with high precision and super-long battery lifetime. It also has Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), a temperature sensor, an accelerometer and a service button. 

It is a Plug and Play solution ready for production and with industrial-grade hardware.

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We offer you a fully functional experience based in your especific use case.


  • Fully functional solution based in your specific use case.
  • Fast implementation of a Plug and Play solution ready for production and with industrial-grade hardware.
  • See results immediately with real-time data, that allows for make informed business choices.
  • Justify your IoT purchase with minimal entry investment.

Application fields

  • Logístics
  • Industry
  • Hospital & medical equipment
  • Agriculture and ranching
  • Asset tracking (luggage, pets…)
  • Smart buildings
  • Cold chain monitoring…


  • NB-IoT & LTE-M & GPRS
  • WiFi positioning
  • GPS
  • Bluetooth Low Energy (iBeacon)
  • Shock detection
  • Temperature sensor
  • SOS button
  • Lithium rechargeable battery
  • Fully customizable
  • Fast Shipping
    24-48 hours
  • UPS
  • Guaranteed
  • Support
    answers in <24h
  • Secure
  • Track your



use cases


Reduce costs and enhance efficiency and productivity in your logistics processes. Locate in real-time your assets while they’re being transported and know its state thanks to temperature and shock sensors. Track exhaustively throughout our platform to analyze each movement and anticipate incidents. 

Cold Chain

Detect and solve possible incidents in the cold chain of your refrigerated assets. Make a real-time tracking of the product during transport and guarantee quality control and regulatory compliance. Save costs, enhance efficiency and increase customer satisfaction.

Medical equipment

Have always controlled your medical equipment and hospital supplies, during transport and once in the medical facilities. Monitor exhaustively to ensure its security and good conditions, and prevent thefts. 


Let the Internet of Things (IoT) be on the service of your farm. Identify the routes and movements of your livestock to analyze its state and prevent possible problems with animals. Know at every moment where they are, receive alerts when out of perimeter and avoid they blended with the neighboring farm animals.

IoT Tracker

A new way to track any kind of asset.


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IoT Tracker

A new way to track any kind of asset.

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