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BLE Beacons

What BLE beacons are?

BLE beacons allow you to provide super-contextualized information to users or other machines.

Through the Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacons send a message to a mobile app, which will read into it and will use it like a trigger for some pre-configured action.

The main applications are:

  • To help business bring targeted offers for their customers.
  • To provide augmented information when user is in some interesting point (like museums).
  • To collect sensor data (weather stations, motion detectors, buttons, etc).
  • To create indoor heatmaps to understand better your customer behavior.

iBKS Family

Designed from scratch by our experienced engineering team and 100% manufactured by us in Barcelona, the iBKS BLE beacons are of one the most popular beacons on the market and officially the first compatible with iBeacon™ and Eddystone™ at the same time.

Buy now 24/48h by UPS Express 50,00 $130,00 $
Buy now 24/48h by UPS Express 50,00 $130,00 $
Sale! Buy now 24/48h by UPS Express 75,00 $225,00 $

IBKS 105




Coin Cell (1.000 mAh)
4 AA alkaline (5.000 mAh)





Order bigger volumes


Output capacity greater than 30.000 units per month.


We configure your beacon parameters and provide you a database with unique QR in each unit to help the deployment.


Use our free app to check your beacon status, configure its parameters or deploy them scanning the backward QR code.

Customize your iBKS beacons

Custom Logo Printing

Share your logo with us and we will brand your big orders.

MOQ: 100 units.

Custom Plastic Case

Create a new product from our beacons with a custom case.

MOQ: 1.000 units.

Configuration Process

Let us know your configuration requirements and we will do for you. Reading the QR code you can know the configuration of each one.


Do you want a more inteligent beacon? We can implement any sensor or output.


If you need some firmware modification contact us and let us know your specifications list.

Industrial Design

If you need a full branding solution, please, contact us to discuss about it.

Contact us to start a beacon project

Do you want a customized iBKS or a big volume of them?

If you need to buy larger volumes of beacons or have special requirements, just let us know through this contact form the next key points and our iBKS Sales Team will contact you:

  • The iBKS model you are interested.
  • Volume desired: take in mind the MOQ (minimum order quantity) for each custom service detailed above.
  • Death line estimation.
  • Custom logo, attach it in vector file (AI preferred), and mention the pantone color desired.
  • Custom color cases, please, specify the pantone color.
  • Billing and shipping address (to provide you a quotation and calculate the shipping costs).

Your privacy is important for us

Accent Systems never will share critical information of any client or lead, but if you prefer you can use our standard NDA to keep your confidentiality. Just download it and attach it when you fill out the contact form.

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