iBKS Card Beacon Quick Start

This document briefly explains how to first start using iBKS Card Beacon from factory.


This document is focused for users with basic knowledge of beacons


This document applies from firmware version EDSTEID52 V1.2017.12.11.1 onwards.

  1. Unboxing
  2. Turn on iBKS Card Beacon
  3. Increase iBeacon & Eddystone UID by one unit
  4. Static Mode (Only PRO Version)
  5. NFC ID
  6. Turn off iBKS Card Beacon

1. Unboxing

By default, iBKS Card Beacon comes from factory with batteries already installed. In order to avoid wasting energy, the device is set to the off mode (see section 5 for power consumption).

2. Turn On iBKS Card Beacon

  1. Press button once
  2. LED starts blinking once per second for 5 seconds
  3. After 5 seconds, iBKS enters ON mode
    Once switched on, iBKS will start operating in the connectable mode set:

    • Connectable Mode – Default configuration
    • Not Connectable Mode
    • Connectable Window Mode

3. Increase iBeacon & Eddystone UID by one unit

iBKS Card Beacon is designed such that it can enter an increasing mode. In this mode, all iBeacon and Eddystone UID packets increase by one their Less Significant Byte (LSB). To enter such mode, follow the steps below.

  1. iBKS must be ON
  2. Press button once
  3. LED starts blinking twice per second for 5 seconds
    • After pressing button, iBKS enters increasing mode. The LSB of all iBeacon and Eddystone UID packets increases by one.
    • The new value is maintained during 30 seconds.
    • After 30 seconds, the LSB returns to the initial value.
  4. After 30 seconds, iBKS operates normally

4. Static Mode (Only Pro Version)

iBKS Card Beacon PRO version is designed such that in order to lengthen the battery life, when the static mode is ON, the card beacon will just advertise when moving and for 10s.
Please refer to iBKS Card Beacon GATT Reference Manual or iBKS Config Tool User Manual to learn how to enable/disable this mode.


BKS Card Beacon comes with a NFC passive read-only tag which allows to identify the card either when it is ON or OFF.

6. Turn Off iBKS Card Beacon

  1. Press and hold button until LED is on Waiting time is about 5 seconds.
  2. After 3 seconds, LED turns off
  3. iBKS enters OFF modeThis status sets the core in sleep mode until user turns it on again.
    Power consumption in sleep mode is rated to 3.4 μA in the PRO Version and 2.4 μA for the standard one.


If Eddystone EID frame is enabled, even the frame will not be advertised in this mode, the Core will wake up to keep the EID synchronization every defined period of time by the user through EID Rotation Period (K). In that case, the power consumption is rated to 3.5 μA.