Watchman door, keyless security

Accent Systems developed for Watchman Door, a company specializing in innovation, security and access control, several devices that allows to control any access from the smartphone.
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Volkswagen Keyfinder- Intelligent key fob

An intelligent key fob that allows you to find your keys and your mobile phone, using beacon technology.
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Parkingdoor, the virtual key

A small intelligent device that allows you to open the parking door through a mobile app.
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IONTODRY, solution for not sweating

Iontodry is a pulsed iontophoresis device that normalizes sweating of hands and feet.
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Samsonite Track & GO - Accent-systems

Samsonite Track&Go: locate your lost luggage

Track&Go is designed to locate lost luggage. In the first step of the project, the system was based in beacon technology and, afterwards, we bet on NB-IOT.
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Dijital Kumbara, the smart money box for kids

Kumbara Dijital is a project that Accent Systems has developed for Blesh, one of our best clients and partners in Turkey. It’s a product created ...
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triomf systems smart safe accent systems hardware engineering services

Triomf Systems – Smart safe

Triomf Systems is a company that develop safes with an added value: an intelligent communication system based on Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE).
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Smart human safe system

Accent Systems has developed for Tecnalia and Petronor a bracelet to increase the personal security in refineries.
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Sense3Care Angel4 Fall Detection Accent Systems


It provides highly sensitive automatic fall detection by means of a tri-axial accelerometer and a new specific algorithm.
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Abengoa: devices for solar camps

Several technological tools to optimize and facilitate the labor and maintenance of the solar plants.
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Birdi: the device to strengthen the pelvic zone

Birdi is a medical device that allow women to practice Kegel exercise to strengthen the pelvic zone.
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Ocluc Bluetooth Safe

OCLUC is an smart safe that has a Bluetooth Low Energy interface that allows the user to control it through a smartphone,
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