Watchman door, keyless security


Accent Systems developed for Watchman Door, a company specializing in innovation, security and access control, several devices that allows to control any access from the smartphone.

The main objectives are:


  • Constant control of all door of home or business (entrances, parking, gates…)
  • A record of accesses, granted and denied, times and duration of visits.

Here we present the 3 different devices we’ve developed: 

wDOOR eco

It is a high security overlay lock, made of high strength cemented steel, with anti-lever system, of anchor points. It is specially designed for customers with a large number of  properties to control.

Tech aspects

  • BLE Bluetooth Low Energy
  • Total access control
  • GPRS communications
  • Lock status and notification
  • Battery status indicator
  • Interior opening button
  • detection of vibrations and intrusion
  • speech and listen facility


This product is a lock especially designed for anti-squatter doors of  STM Seguridad. It is a high security motorized lock designed to offer maximum protection against forced openings, both externally and internally. The anti-squatter door is installed on the frame of the main door of the property, without damaging the original door. The structure allows easy of access to the property in complete safety and is easy to disassemble to return to the house its normal appearance.

Tech aspects

  • Connectivity: Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)
  • Battery: alkaline batteries
  • Others: Vibration sensor, electronic lock, microphone, speaker


It is a small electronic device with Bluetooth Low Energy technology (a beacon), which is installed inside the control panel of the automatic door, intercom or any device that works with a push button. With the smartphone you can send the order to open or close.

Tech aspects

  • Connectivity: Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)
  • Battery: alkaline batteries



Our first contact with Watchman Door was at a Congress in Barcelona. They explained us the project they had in mind and we arrange a date to meet and talk about it with calm. They came to our offices in Barcelona and there, together with our engineers, we detailed all the technical questions of the first device we’ll be going to develop together (connectivity, batteries…): wMot .

2. wDoor eco and wOku

Once finished the first device, we started with the other two: wDoor eco and wOku. The first step was to develop the hardware and firmware and, afterwords, we started with the server. From a mechanical point of view, we did several chances to find the perfect design for these products.


Finally, we started the industrialization phase. Nowadays we’ve developed more than 12.000 devices.

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