Samsonite Track&Go: locate your lost luggage


Track&Go is a reliable solution to securely locate lost luggage. It’s a device designed to be put into your travel or business bag, with the objective of having your assets always located in real time.

The solution is based on two principles. Proximity alerts: that allows you to receive a smartphone notification when your bag gets out of your range; and geolocation: that would make possible to track your valuables, anytime, anyplace.

It is, for the moment, a POC and the project has made up of two versions:


The project was born as a solution to locate lost luggage using Google’s new Eddystone-EID (beacon technology). The system operates with a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacon installed inside the suitcase that keeps the bag pinpointed at all times.

In a travelling context, this will help you to quickly recover your luggage in a safe way: with the Eddystone-EID (Ephemeral Identifier) you won’t take the risk of being identified by malicious third parties, even if you share your luggage information.


To enhance the first version of “Track&Go” solution, we’ve bet on Narrowband-IOT (NB-IOT), a technology that aims to connect intelligent devices that are at a great distance, using less power so that can accommodate smaller batteries with longer life, and with less costs for the final user.

We’ve developed the hardware part of the project using U-blox NB-IOT module. With this new technology we can look into the future possibilities of geolocation: for example, in case your bag gets lost, you will be able to see its current location and the necessary contact details to get your belongings back, if applicable.

We’ve also acted as consultant of Samsonite and In The Pocket (app development) to explore NB-IoT as the best technology to handle the next phase of the Track & Go project (providing geolocation capabilities). Our company is investing, as well as in product development, in research in new technologies and our team has wide expertise in IOT technologies.


How it works

Track&Go is designed to locate lost luggage. In the first step of the project, the system was based in beacon technology and, afterwards, we bet on NB-IOT.

How we did it

We’ve acted as a hardware partner for Samsonite, the world’s leading luggage brand, performing luggage location system in real time, thanks to IOT technologies. We’ve developed the hardware design, the firmware development and the manufacturing process.

Tech aspects

  • Battery: rechargeable lithium battery
  • RGB Led
  • Disconnect switch
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), NB-IoT (v.2)
  • Sensors: accelerometre, vibration, digital compass, pressure, humidity, temperature… (v.2)
  • Location: GPS (v.2)

The customer

Samsonite Corporation is a luggage manufacturer and retailer founded in 1919, leader in the sector. Is the most important luggage brand world-wide scale and the largest luggage manufacturer in the world.


PHASE 1: Location system based in Eddystone-EID

Samsonite wanted to develop a solution to locate luggage and In The Pocket, its technology consultant (and our beacon’s customer), put them in contact with us.

After several meetings, our engineering team started to develop a POC based on Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). It used beacon technology with Eddystone-EID protocol.

Phase 2: Successful POC but a new technology emerged

The POC is aproved by Samsonite and it is launched as a flagship product at Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2016.

At the congress, started to emerge NB-IOT technology and we foresee this would be the best option to launch this product successfully (this technology allows to connect the case directly to the Internet). Samsonite and In The Pocket agree with us and our team started to develop the hardware with NB-IOT modules.

Phase 3: NB-IOT update triumph at MWC 2017

Using U-blox’s NB-IOT modules, our engineering team developed the device that works with this technology. This technology isn’t already deployed, but Vodafone enable some network anthennas to facilitate us testing the device.

Once we finished the update of the device with its NB-IOT version, it is presented at the MWC 2017 and win the award: “Best Connected Device of MWC 2017”.

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