Smart human safe system


Accent Systems has developed for Tecnalia and Petronor a bracelet to increase the personal security in refineries. It has a system that controls the access to confined spaces; thus, it detects if the space is empty of toxic gases, and if the worker has access to this zone.

The bracelet is always located thanks to a marker system situated in the plant, that triangulate its position. This way, if there’s an evacuation, it can control who has left the plant and who hasn’t.

Other security system is the gas detector. It works with a device placed in the chest of the operator, and when there’s a leak it communicates with the bracelet, which will send out a warning to the control center. It has also an emergency button, that connects, as well, with the control center.

This security system consists of 3 different devices:


This bracelet detects if the worker is autorized to enter in a confined area and sends a signal to the central system informing he/she is inside this space. It is, also, made up of a panic button, a movement detector, an Ultra Wide Band and Bluetooth Low Energy.


It has two functionalities: the geolocation of the bracelets and the sensor case; and the communication of all the information that both devices generate. Moreover, the markers situated at the entrance of the confined areas manage the entrance permissions and help the security guard counting how many people are inside the space, with a display.

smart safety sensor

It is place in the gas detector. When there are harmful gases, the detector whistle and vibrate, the smart safety sensor detects the situation and sends a signal directly to the closer marker. This marker sends the information to the cloud and it is redirect to the central control panel. This way, a local detector is turned into an online one.


How it works

It is a system to increase personal security in refineries. It monitor in real-time the activity of the workers to locate them at any moment for possible emergency situations (for example: gas leak).

How we did it

We’ve developed the hardware, the firmware and the mechanical of the security bracelet, the smart safety sensor and the marker. They were developed following ATEX normative, that was managed by Accent Systems.

Tech aspects

Connectivity: Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), Ultra Wide Band (UWB), NFC.
Battery: AA/2 lithium battery (bracelet and smart safety sensor), AA lithium battery (marker).
Others: tricolor led, accelerometer (bracelet and smart safety sensor), vibrator (bracelet), microphone (smart safety sensor).

The customer

Corporación Tecnalia was launched in 2001 with the objective of contribute to the economical and social development, through the use and promotion of technology.



Tecnalia contacted to ask for a presonalized beacon with ATEX certification. But once they explained us their idea, we acted as a consultant to focus the development of the project to the right direction. Finally it wasn’t a beacon project, but three projects in one to achive the highest security in refineries.

After this first step, we started developing the hardware and the firmware of the security bracelet and the basic mechanics to start the testing in the refinery.


Once we had the results of the first testing in the refinery, we enhance the design of the hardware and firmare, and created the definitive mechanical of the security bracelet.

Here it is:


The first device was developed and approved, and all the testing done. Then. we started designing all the technology of the smart safety sensor and the marker: hardware, firmware and design.

When these 3 devices were developed, the complete smart human safe system was tested in refinery.

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