Parkingdoor, the virtual key


Parkingdoor system is a small intelligent device that allows you to open the parking door through a mobile app.

It connects wirelessly with your actual opening system (for example, a remote control) and memorize its signal. It also allows for sending “virtual keys” to everyone you want.


How it works

Parkingdoor is a small intelligent device that allows you to open the parking door through a mobile app and operates with BLE.

How we did it

Our engineering team has developed all the electronics (hardware design and firmware development) and the mechanical part of the device.

Tech aspects

·Battery: Alkaline batteries
·Battery life: 3 years
·Connectivity: Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)

The customer

Parkingdoor is a company focused on developing devices related with automation control of doors and gates (private, communal and corporate).


Phase 1: Testing our iBKS 105

The first contact with Parkingdoor was for a iBKS beacons’ sale. They ask us to customize the iBKS 105 to adapt it to their needs (we didn’t know what was their project about) and we did it.

Parkingdoor tested these beacons to check if they really respond to the demands of their project and the result was fully satisfactory.

Phase 2: Developing customized beacons

Once our beacons passed the tests to verify if they adapted to Parkingdoor’s project, the company explained us their idea and we started to work together to develop the ideal device.

They wanted to incorporate beacon technology, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and other technical specifications to an existing box. And our engineering team started to work in the project til they achieve the final result, satisfying all the requirements of our client.

Phase 3: Industrialization of the product

The product was finished successfully and we started the industrialization and the launching of the product in the market. Today it is already a current product and we keep updating it regularly.

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