Ocluc Bluetooth Safe


OCLUC is an smart safe that has a Bluetooth Low Energy interface that allows the user to control it through a smartphone, in a more intuitive and quick way. You’ll be able to control who and when has opened the safe; plan time-locks and, even, send a sign through a duress code if you’ve opened the safe against your will.

In addition, it implements a membrane keypad with bicolor led and a lock with emergency key and solenoid.

Main features and functions:

  • Activate and deactivate the interior light and sound
  • Programme a time delay
  • Plan time-locks
  • Send a sign through a duress code
  • Multi-user
  • View events audit
  • Open the safe


How it works

Ocluc is a safe that works with a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) interface that allows the user to control it through a smartphone. Thanks to an app, you can see at any moment who and when has opened the safe; delays and blocking times, and send hidden signals if you’ve had to open it by force.

How we did it

We’ve developed the device installed in the safe and the mobile app.

Tech aspects

  • Connectivity: Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)
  • Battery: 4x AA battery
  • Security: Hash security implementation
  • Others: Buzzer, Membrane keypad with bicolor led

The customer

ARCAS OLLE is a family business dedicated to the manufacture of safes from 1845. As a company leader in the sector, they innovate continuously applying the latests technologies in the manufacturing process.


Phase 1: Innovation and feasibility

In our first contact, Arcas Ollé ask us to develop a membrane keypad for one of their safes (already in the market). Our engineering team, however, saw more possibilities in this project and, with a previous study, proposed them to also incorporate Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE).

Once the technical proposal was accepted, our team started with a feasibility study, calculating all the costs associated with the development of the product (from the beginning to the end).

Phase 2: A complete engineering service

In this project, our engineering team perform to its full potential. In an already existing product, Arcas Ollé’s safe, we design the electronic PCB (hardware) and the firmware to give intelligence to this device. This way, it complies with the initial requirements.

The prototypes were handed over and, after some little settings, we finalized the electronics. After that, we developed two apps for smartphone (Android and iOS).

Phase 3: Mass production

It was the turn of the industrialization and the assembly of the final product, and the mass production. The product is actually in the market and we produce around 3 thousand units per year.

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