Kumbara, the smart money box for kids


Dijital Kumbara is a project that Accent Systems has developed for Blesh, one of our best clients and partners in Turkey. It’s a product created for İşbank, the biggest Turkish bank, to promote loyalty among their youngest clients. This bank is developing a new generation of smart products and one of the most prominent ones is this virtual money box.

It incorporates Bluetooth and kids can send money from smartphones. It also have other interactive possibilities that children love, like screens, speakers and different kind of buttons.

The connected device is given to İşbank customers children and it’s the smartest way to safe money for kids.


How it works

Dijital Kumbara is the smartest way for kids to safe money. This virtual money box incorporates Bluetooth and interactive methods like screens, speakers and buttons. The device is given to İşbank customers children, the biggest Turkish bank, with the objective of promoting loyalty among its clients.

How we did it

Accent Systems has developed the most important parts of the project: the Hardware engineering, the Firmware designs and the mechanics. At the same time, our company has process Bluetooth and CE certification.

Tech aspects

  • Connectivity: Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)
  • Battery: 250mAh lithium rechargeable battery
  • Security: Pseudo random encrypted password
  • Others: 2.4” colour display, speaker, shake sensor

The customer

Blesh emerged in 2011 as a breakthrough opportunity in the mobile technology, with the launch of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and Apple’s Introduction of iBeacon in 2012.
Türkiye İş Bankası or İşbank is the biggest bank in Turkey.


PHASE 1: Proof-of-concept

In the first phase of the development of the product, our client ask for a proof-of-concept. They explain us their starting idea and gave us the following initial premises: connectivity, screen and attractive design for kids. Here you can see the result of this first contact:

PHASE 2: Hardware, firmware and mechanical development

Our client, Blesh, was passionate about the technical features we developed, especialy the Bluetooth and the screen. However, the design of the product wasn’t exactly what they were looking for and that’s why they decided to keep the initial design of the piggybank.

Once everything was approved by our customer, we started to develop the Hardware, the Firmware and the Mechanical.

PHASE 3: Product industrialization

The three technical aspects of the solution were validated, thus the hardware, the firmware and the mechanical reached the optimum stage of development. Next stage: the industrialization of the product, from first injections, to the final result. Here you can see the progress and the different versions of the product we developed:

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