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Social environments such as music festivals, offices
or schools are highly interactive locations where safety must be rigorously preserved. Also, their costly infrastructures such as sound and stage production equipment must be well tracked. Our IoT track&trace solutions will allow you to track the real-time position of equipment and employees, trace illness contact chains in crowded environments, log a person’s presence or absence, and restrict access permits
to dangerous sites.

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Senior care

Senior citizens and day care center users can now be alerted of social distancing in crowded environments by wearing our ultralight, fully anonymous Contact Tracing Wristband.

Corporate offices

By means of a Smart Badge, you can now activate room access permits and trigger Smart Actions before important meetings, such as turning lights on or off or activating heating or AC.

Big events

Whenever a COVID-19 case is reported in a festival, concert of sports match, our CT-Wristband tracks the person’s contact chain and, in case of close contact with a positive patient, prompts them to quarantine right away.

How do our loT solutions help?

  • Define, monitor, and verify safety protocols in crowded contexts while avoiding over-occupancy.
  • Trace accurate contact chain in busy locations: gyms, schools, festivals, etc.
  • Verify on-site employer count in workplaces and report no call, no show employees.
  • Track room usage hours in offices and generate supporting time sheets to use in audits.
  • Automatically control check-in and check-out of all employees and guests.
  • Generate time-restricted e-keys to one-time visitors such as cleaners, maintenance operators, etc.
  • Deny access to in-maintenance sites, contaminated facilities or confidential premises.

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