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Logistics professionals ship large amounts of assets from one part of the world to another. By improving supply chain visibility, you will be able to track your most costly assets and log their real-time shipping and conditions to accomplish complex customer demands.

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Storage and warehouses

Storage depots may install beacons in their goods to track their room temperature, humidity level and exact location.


An itinerating COVID-19 vaccination station can place sensors in the fridges where vaccines are kept. Sensors report the drug’s temperature so patients can be safely vaccinated also in hot sites.

Shipping industry

Your logistics partner will never misplace part
of your transport thanks to our tracker’s geolocation feature.

How do our loT solutions help?

  • Optimize routes by analysing historical data.
  • Track exact position of your customer’s goods throughout the entire supply chain.
  • Automate actions based on geofence events.
  • Replan operations shortly after incident or delay notification.
  • Be alerted of bumps, shocks and temperature deviations of moving goods.
  • Automatically receive alerts whenever your client’s goods leave or reach any premises.
  • Settle damage disputes when in doubt of dropped or mishandled assets during transportation.

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