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Large construction sites and the manufacturing industry usually work with heavy, life-threatening equipment that might compromise the safety of both employees and projects. By tracking the position and usage time of tools and corporate vehicles you will be able to diminish on-site risks while meeting complicated customer specifications.

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Construction sector

In large construction works, immediately report on-site incidents with our panic button and minimize employee’s finding time thanks to our geolocation feature.

Rental companies

An excavator rental company may build in trackers in their vehicles to monitor their position, usage hours and timesheets.

Heavy industries

When working with heavy machinery, automatically deactivate approaching vehicles and life-compromising equipment whenever an operator is nearby.

How do our loT solutions help?

  • Check employees in and out of premises and generate subsequent timesheets.
  • Alert workers about critical actions (e.g., truck refuelling, special loads entering, dangerous equipment, etc.).
  • Manage user access during high-risk operations to prevent leaks and fire outbreaks.
  • Automatically check loaded items before departure to a construction site.
  • Attribute responsibility in labour incidents by providing proof of who was present.
  • Track exact position and usage hours of corporate vehicles and fleets.
  • Monitor motion & shocks during production, manipulation, storing and distribution.

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