Health care and biopharma

The Health Care and Biopharma sectors deal with extremely sensitive equipment and life-time compromising conditions. Guarantee the timely shipment of emergency materials, ensure the proper cooling of drugs, and trace the contact chain of frontline professionals with our smart IoT track and trace business solutions specific for the health
care industry.

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Hospitals can install beacons in their ambulances’ medical devices. Detailed data on temperature, humidity and air pressure levels are sent to the cloud, while reporting real-time equipment location.

Biopharma industry

Laboratory supply managers can now locate and confirm the arrival of urgent medical equipment and drugs up to the minute thanks to real-time geolocation of their medical shipments.

Health care

Frontline health care professionals are now able to trace back their contact chain with positive patients thanks to our fully anonymous IoT, non-invasive CT-wristband.

How do our loT solutions help?

  • Geolocate your urgent drug and medical equipment shipments and plan alternative routes in case of delays.
  • Control the conditions of medical equipment & hospital supplies in medical facilities and ambulances.
  • Protect medications during transportation from damage resulting from freezing or overheat.
  • Ensure regulatory compliance regarding temperature integrity of drugs and biological samples.
  • Detect whenever social distance in a crowded waiting room is not kept.
  • Trace the exact COVID-19 contact chain of health care professionals or high-risk patients.
  • Lock doors with sensible materials and manage access to hand-picked users.

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