Cold chain logistics and supply

The Food and Beverage Industry, Logistics and Biopharma professionals must often transport overly sensitive materials, which must be properly cooled throughout the whole supply chain. By monitoring the real-time temperature of your drugs, vaccines, and frozen food you will be able to ensure quality control and regulatory compliance.

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Medical ambulances need to store refrigerated drugs for in-transit emergencies. Health care professionals can guarantee the safe administration of drugs also during hot seasons.

Biopharma industry

A COVID-19 vaccination station can place sensors in the fridges where vaccines are kept. Sensors report the drug’s temperature so patients can be safely vaccinated.

Food & beverage

A fish store may order a shipment of frozen seafood. Trackers can be placed in all containers to report up-to-the-minute food temperature and locate the shipment’s real-time position.

How do our loT solutions help?

  • Anticipate and solve temperature-related incidents of transported fresh and frozen foods.
  • Reduce life-compromising spoilage claims and expensive drugs loss.
  • Avoid environmental contamination caused by temperature-ruined goods.
  • Be notified when products are exposed to temperatures that might exceed their protective abilities.
  • Protect medications from damage resulting from freezing or overheat.
  • Maintain temperature integrity of biological samples and drugs during heated routes.
  • Obtain a detailed overview of the environmental conditions of your perishable products in different transport routes, at seasons and vehicles.

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