The IoT concept is more mature than ever

More 160 exhibitors and over 200 speakers. The IoT Solutions World Congress landed in Barcelona, this edition, more mature than the year before. Not only for the quality of the organization and the amount of exhibitors, but also for the consolidation of the Internet of Things (IoT) concept. “We’ve noticed the IoT is not yet a newness and the companies start to bet on this kind of products”, says David de Celis, in Business Development.


We offer a transversal service

We, as Accent Systems, have been one of the few enterprises in the Congress which works offering product (hardware) and not just only solution (software), and this is our differentiating point. We are focused 100% in the technologies that brings life to the final devices, and this allows us to achieve all the different sectors: industry, eHealth, transportation, retail, connected city…

“Everyday more sectors are being interested in the Internet of Things and see the importance of managing data, analytics and parameters. Industries and sectors, like agriculture, transport or restoration, that few years ago were so far away from connectivity and big data, today are every day nearer”, explains the CEO, Jordi Casamada.

Some of our most relevant projects that were shown in our booth:

  • Volkswagen beacon key fob: With beacon technology, this key fob is used to have always the keys located through the smartphone and viceversa.
  • Samsonite sensor for luggage: Also with a customized iBKS beacon, we’ve developed a sensor to be integrated inside the luggage, to have it always localized.
  • iBKS beacons: We present our iBKS family: iBKS 105, iBKS USB and iBKS Plus.

Every company with a bright technological idea, but with no tools to carry it out, is more than welcome to our company. We’ll listen and understand their needs and, with our expert engineers, design the best tailored solutions. “One of the most important differences between the current IoT Congress and the edition before is the first question of all the visitors in our booth. This time was: ‘How can we do it?’, and not ‘What do you do?’ like was the year before”, says de Celis. It’s the main sign that Accent Systems is, already, a consolidated business in the IoT world. “Even more”, emphasize the CTO, Oriol Patau, “a lot of people already know us for our iBKS beacons”.

All sectors represented

Every step you took at the IoT Congress was surrounded by software, IoT platforms and cloud. The vast majority of the exhibitor enterprises were focused on this business line. Companies like Microsoft, Intel, Dell Technologies and Red Hat, among others, were showing their software solutions to manage connected products.

20161026_111717But not only. For smart cities, for example, SAP presented “Live Connected City”. It is a pilot project with sensors in the traffic lights that estimates the traffic in different areas and extract analytics and predictions. Another interesting example, in that case for the industry sector, was the Yumi Robot (ABB), thought to help the operator doing very accurate jobs, especially in the electronic industry.

We are living the Industrial Revolution 4.0, where all the machinery and objects will be connected and Accent Systems is in the heart of it.

“We are 100% transversal. We are not focused just on one sector, but we have the technology that can be applied to develop every product, in every vertical”, explains Patau.   


If there’s something that’s starting to take importance in the IoT sphere is the arriving NB-IoT (take a look at the interview with our CEO and CTO about it). Giant companies in telecommunications, like Huawei and Vodafone, were showing prototypes of connected products that already work with this coming technology (will be on the market next year, in 2017).

“The NB-IoT is, currently, at the forefront and we believe this will be a kind of revolution for the IoT. It’s amazing to see how new options to connect devices are emerging day by day, and this benefits us because we’ll be able to offer our customers the best solutions in each project”, affirms Casamada.

Accent Systems grows with these events

Events like the IoT Solutions World Congress are good to generate new business opportunities. As Patau says, “this kind of events are an huge opportunity to mature as a company. They give you lot of information about the market trends and offer you the possibility of thinking strategically about the direction of the business”. And Casamada reaffirms: “It’s the best way to making known as company and meet potential customers, but it is also the way of starting partnerships with big enterprises”.

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