iBKS Frames Protocol

This document explains the different frames that are implemented in iBKS devices (iBKS use BLE to broadcast).

This document is primarily for developers with advanced knowledge of beacon protocols.


All data used in the frame is in big-endian format.
Italic text of this document is just an example of data that can appear in the frame.

  1. iBeacon Frame
  2. Eddystone Frames

1. iBeacon Frame

EB: Extra byte

2. Eddystone Frames

This is the common part of the Eddystone frame for the different frame types:

Eddystone frames

“Length” is a sum of the byte length of “Type”, “Eddystone UUID” and “Eddystone Frame”.

Each frame type (UID, URL, EID, TLM and eTLM) has a different structure and length for “Eddystone Frame”:

EDDYSTONE-UID (20 bytes)

Eddystone UID2 0bytes

EDDYSTONE-URL (3-20 bytes)

Eddystone URL 3-20 bytes

For more information about “URL scheme” or “URL encoding”, have a look at this link.

EDDYSTONE-TLM (14 bytes)

Eddystone TLM 14 bytes

EDDYSTONE-eTLM (18 bytes)

Eddystone eTLM 18 bytes

EDDYSTONE-EID (10 bytes)

Eddystone EID 10 bytes