Drive safely; save money. Our iBKS beacons help to do it.

Drive safely; save money. Our iBKS beacons help to do it.

Are you a good driver? Can you imagine being rewarded for your insurance company each month you’ve had a fancy drive? The two only things needed are a device that assists in monitoring driving patterns and a car insurance willing to do it. And now we can say these ingredients have joined to make a delicious cocktail. It’s called ChilliDrive and we found it in Northern Ireland and the broader UK market.

It is a project of Autoline Insurance Group, “one of the fastest growing financial services companies, offering a broad range of insurance, mortgage and financial products”, as Frances Carlisle, its Team Leader Telematics Support, described.


The device that allows this company to track all their drivers’ journeys is our iBKS beacon. It is placed in each car and, paired with the ChilliDrive app, monitor the behaviour of their clients in the road and records how well they drive. As they say, “it rewards the driver with lower premiums; so the better they drive, the more they save”.

As we can see in this concrete use case, our iBKS beacons (synchronized with the app) are used as an aided device to assist in monitoring driving patterns. Carlisle said: “We decided beacons were a simple solution to assist our clients in the most cost effective way to ensure accuracy of journeys being recorded”. The beacon tells the smartphone when the driver has got in the car, and the app measures the driving for smoothness, anticipation, cornering and speed. And after each journey, they’ll get a score.

Here you can see all the benefits of using this system:


The first time Autoline introduced beacons to their clients was in August 2015, under the motto: “Drive safely and make big savings on your car insurance”, and nowadays there are more than 3.750 of our iBKS 105 beacons spreaded all around UK cars.

The first time Autoline had communications with Accent Systems was in mid-2015 and the result was satisfactory: “Accent has been easy to communicate with and the process has been made easy with ordering now having direct mail contact. The Accent team have been very responsive to all queries we’ve had with our previous orders”.

From Accent Systems, we always try to give a personal and direct dealing to all our clients, with the objective of having the easiest and quickest communication. As David de Celis, in Business Development at Accent, said: “We like to empathize with the client; we try to understand what they want to give them the most accurate solution for their needs”.

If you want to know more about this project, visit their web: or

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