IoT Gateways

Connecting iot devices around the clock

Accent Systems’ small IoT gateways create a local IoT network and communicate with both static and moving surrounding IoT devices. They send relevant data back and forth, which is then displayed through our cloud-based web dashboard. Our gateways can also work as a mobile system, thus being suitable for moving infrastructures.

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Ensure a solid connection on the way

  • Connects to existing IoT cellular network.
  • Works in indoor facilities (multiple fixed locations) and in moving infrastructures (ambulances, corporate fleets, forklifts, etc.).
  • Supports GNSS, WI-FI, Cell ID, Bluetooth Beacons, UWB.
  • Pair it with any of our beacons and trackers.

Our IoT Gateway


  • Bluetooth 5.0 Long Range
  • IoT communication technologies
  • Supported geolocation technologies
    GNSS, Wi-Fi, Cell ID, Bluetooth Beacons
  • Special features
    Adjustable alarms and push notifications

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IoT Gateways?


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