Introducing the new Accent Systems’ app for beacons

Raquel Ligero

21 November, 2016

After few months working hardly on our new app for iBKS developers, we are  happy to present it to the world!

iBKS Config Tool

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The app “iBKS Config Tool” is a project that contains the most important functions to begin interacting with our beacons, the iBKS. It works with Android and iOS, and it is designed for app developers who has no experience in beacon communication management.

It’s like an easy tutorial to introduce them in a satisfactory iBKS first contact.

Download the app:

download    google-play-store

download      mac_app_store_badge_us-uk_165x40


Here you can download, as well, all the materials that our support team has cooked during the past months:

iBKS Support Center

iBKS Config Tool User Manual – Android

iBKS Config Tool User Manual – iOS


In our site you can also find the new support web. Our engineers are ready to listen to all your doubts and needs, and help you to solve them with the objective that you can start, as soon as possible, enjoying the best iBKS experience!

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