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Accent Systems


Developing IoT solutions

We are global providers of innovative enterprise IoT solutions. We offer a variety of standard products (based on geolocation and tracking) and develop tailored IoT solutions for third parties (our customers give us the idea and we turn it into a reality).

Our main business is the wireless device market and we are experts in developing solutions from product development to mass production, in our IoT Factory (Barcelona).

We have wide expertise with IoT technologies like Bluetooth, WiFi, 4G/LTE, SigFOX, LoraWAN… and we are leading the industry providing NB-IoT and LTE-M solutions. We believe in the importance of R&D and our company is constantly investigating in new technologies that will help us to provide the best solutions for our customer’s needs.

Beacons are another of our business lines. Since this technology burst into market we are one of the iBeacon and Eddystone manufacturers leaders in the world.

We have offices in Barcelona and New York City. We also have our own production center in Castellar del Vallès (near Barcelona), which gives us speed in deadlines and very competitive prices. Our output capacity is over 300.000 units per month.

We have a wide expertise developing IoT and M2M solutions
Our engineers are specialized in each field of the development areas (hardware, software and mechanical) and have a wide experience in product definition.
We have our own production center in Barcelona, what allows us to design the product thinking of how it will be produced and have competitive prices.
2000 m2 of factory in Barcelona, with a 100% automatic SMD assembly line.
We are focused on connecting the world with IoT solutions and other rising technologies.
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